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Dallas 117 - Clippers 94 - As Bad As We Thought

We knew this game wouldn't be close.  The Mavs, and good, the Clippers are not.  The Mavs have something to play for, the Clippers do not.  Those facts would be enough all by themselves.  Add in the fact that the Clippers were missing three starters, including their starting backcourt, and the fact that the Mavs were razor sharp while the Clippers were anything but, and you know it's a long "Fan Appreciation Night."

But it's one thing for Dirk Nowitzki to make his first three threes - he's a great shooter, and he's been on a tear from behind the arc.  DeShawn Stevenson?  He's a terrible shooter who was 16 for 83 from three point range on the season coming into the game.  He made his first three three point attempts of this game.  So, yeah, things were going well for the Mavs.

There's not much more to say about this one.  I guess it wasn't as bad as the 41 point loss to OKC last "Fan Appreciation Night."  But it was bad.  Dallas went on a 30 to 14 first quarter run scoring on 14 out of 17 possessions against the non-existent LAC defense and it was never a game from that point.

DeAndre Jordan had some nice highlight reel dunks on his way to a 10 point, 13 rebound double double (his fifth in nine games, for what it's worth).  Seve Novak had a season high 15.  Steve Blake had 13 assists.  And that's about it. 

One more game left, Wednesday versus the Lakers.