Gordon Open To Extension With Clippers


"That might be a year down the road," Gordon said when asked about a possible long-term pact. "I would like to be with the Clippers and see what's going to happen, possibly get an extension after next year. You just never now." Gordon sees promise in their current core, especially with Blake Griffin, who missed his entire rookie season. "We tried to develop some chemistry in the summer league, but he's basically been hurt since then," Gordon said. "We're still close. We know we'll probably be together for a while. We're going to spend some time working out together. "I think in a couple months, he'll be 100 percent, if he's not now." ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ As Clipper fans you never can tell what the future will hold. Eric certainly comes off as that "nice guy" so if he says he wants to be back, I'll believe it. Probably too nice of a guy to stiff us anyways...right?