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Draft Lottery Open Thread

The intrigue probably won't last very long.  If the Clippers' logo shows up in slot eight or worse, with half the teams and most of the suspense yet to be revealed, then we can all turn off the TVs and get back to our lives.  If however that basketball with the new, ever-so-slight forward rotation isn't on the board by number eight, then we can buckle our seat belts and go down to the wire (to plagiarize Ralph). 

The lottery starts at 5:00 Pacific - same time as ClipperMax's jiu-jitsu class... and I'm the usual chauffeur for that.  Which means that unless I can coerce or cajole the ClipperWife into taking the jiu-jitsu bullet, I won't be here chatting with you guys as it's happening. 

There's not a whole lot to talk about during the lottery of course.  We can make fun of people's wardrobes, but with Elgin Baylor and his Cliff Huxtable sweaters retired, the attire tends toward the conservative and it's more difficult to mock 14 gray suits. Andy Roeser will be there representing the Clippers, presumably wearing another specially lined jacket - but we'll probably only get to see the outside of the jacket this year.

If you're a Clipper fan, you're hoping for positions 14 through 9 to go according to plan.  If any of those six teams jumps into the top three, the already long odds get a little longer against the Clippers also jumping up.  One other point of lottery watching minutia:  for each team below the Clippers that improves their spot, the 'river' card for the Clippers comes one sooner, because that team has leap frogged LA.  So if, for instance, Indiana shows up in slot 11 instead of New Orleans, then the Hornets are in the top three, and envelope number 9 becomes the make or break for the Clippers.  Make sense?