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The LeBron Parade

Don't forget that today at 3:00 PM is the "Bring LeBron to the Clippers Parade" - 3 PM at LA Live.

Clipper Darrell and Joshua Fischel deserve a ton of credit for putting this thing together.  I'm obviously a devoted fan of the Clippers and invest a lot of time into Clips Nation as evidence.  But what I do, skulking around in cyberspace, is a lot safer.  These guys are putting their fanship out there, and I really admire them for that.

When I first heard the idea, I was worried that it could go horribly wrong, with a meager showing of Clipper fans drowning in a sea of purple and gold before game five of the Western Conference Finals.  And frankly, that could still happen.  But I'm not really worried, because we've got an ace in the hole on this thing.  And his name is Clipper Darrell. 

No one can really accuse Darrell of jumping on a Clipper Bandwagon in the summer of LeBron.  And no one who is familiar with Darrell can help but admire his loyalty to the team.  With Darrell leading the troops, a 'parade', as insane as it at first seems, makes perfect sense.  Because Darrell is involved, it's not a deranged, pathetic publicity stunt by a deranged pathetic fanbase.  It's a sincere act of fandom by arguably the most sincere fan in the NBA.  And Clipper fans should show up to support the cause, but frankly also to support Darrell.

Last I checked, there were over 2000 members of the "Bring LeBron to the Clippers" Facebook page, which is a solid number.  I also saw that the special T-shirts for the parade had sold out.  So the cause has good support, and I assume that the parade will have good turnout.

Will it make a difference?  I sure doubt it.  After all, LeBron has plenty of datapoints on which to make his decision.  But it sure as hell can't hurt.  If it gets the Clippers a little bit more on his radar, if it gets people talking about LA as a destination for the King, then that's something.  It's certainly not as bad as that lame "Please Stay LeBron" song they did in Cleveland.

So put on your Clippers gear, head out to LA Live at 3:00, and show your support for the Clippers, for LeBron, and if for no other reason, for Clipper Darrell.