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Caffeine... Who Knew?

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I've been a pretty big coffee drinker since my sophomore year in college.  One weekend trip to Rome during my semesters abroad was all it took.  Cappucinos on the Piazza Navona remains one of the fondest memories of my life.

Anyway, about six months ago, I switched to decaf.  The ClipperWife wanted me to cut back on caffeine, I went half-caf for awhile, and then I went decaf... and it was all surprisingly painless.  I still get the occasional Peet's latte with caffeine, but my home routine is decaffeinated all the way.

As it happens, in this penultimate week of school, ClipperZoe and her fifth-grade cohort are being feted daily with fun activities planned by our way-too-involved neighborhood parents.  This being the end of elementary school for them and with state testing over with, June has been little more than a continuous party.  Thursday was Wacky Day - and I absolutely insisted on being involved, since I fancy myself rather Wacky indeed. 

Being one of the only dads in a domain of moms, I did what seemed logical to me - I volunteered to get coffee for everyone.  So I scurried down to the Peet's and got one of the to go cartons, filled with delicious Sumatra.  Then, as I gossiped with the yummy mummies (not to be confused with milph, and not a slummy mummy in sight), I drank about four cups of coffee, completely forgetting that I no longer have any appreciable tolerance for caffeine.

And now it's 5 AM and I haven't slept a wink.

Oh well, this way I'll catch the start of Mexico-South Africa.  I've got World Cup Fever!