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NBA Finals - Game 7 - Open Thread

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I find myself in the somewhat uncomfortable position of 'hosting' a game 7 party tonight.  You see, there are these two other dads in my neighborhood, both of whom have girls my daughter's age, and both of whom are school teachers.  Both families have gone TV-less for the last several years - they didn't like their kids watching Nickelodeon and Disney Channel constantly, and they just stopped paying for cable.  It's worked out great for them and they're very happy with the decision - except when it comes to sports.  So every year about this time, they start showing up on my doorstep to watch basketball.  "Hey, let's go to Steve's house.  That 60 inch HD TV is rotting his kids brains, but at least we can watch the Lakers."  I'm actually thrilled to have the company.  I'm being glib about it, but these guys are actually close friends, and it's great when they come over to watch. 

The problem is, they're rooting for the Lakers, being that we're in LA and all.  So I have to not boo quite so loudly as I might otherwise.  Of course, with the Celtics being the opponent (my other least favorite team) it's not quite so bad.  Luckily they didn't come over for the Conference Finals, where I was cheering loudly for the Suns

And tonight, with this being a that rarest of all sports birds, and NBA Finals Game Seven, even the wives and kids are coming over.  So what do you do when you're going to have a house full of people to watch a basketball game, just because you're the guy with the TV?  Do you have to serve food?  (The beer has already been worked out - part of the arrangement is that they bring the beer.  Instead of "pay-per-view" we call it "brew-per-view".) 

I just finished making a spinach dip, which I'm putting into a loaf of sour dough bread.  And that's how you know I'm gay.

Enjoy the game, citizens.  Unfortunately, one of the teams will have to win.