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Getting Ahead of Myself on World Cup

I'm not sure if the reverse mojo works on World Cup soccer or only on the Clippers, but I was just looking at the bracket for the knockout stages, and the US could not possibly have hoped for a better draw.  In a surprisingly weak bracket after pool play (frankly, it would have been a weak pool, without a number one seed in sight), Team USA would seem to have a very realistic chance to advance to the semis.  One might even go so far as to say that they would be favored to do so.  Not that the FIFA rankings mean a lot, but the US (ranked 14) has somehow wound up in a bracket with Uruguay (16), Ghana (32) and South Korea (47).  The other portion of the bracket that has been determined has Germany (6), Argentina (7), England (8) and Mexico (17).  Meanwhile, Brazil, Spain, Portugal, and the Netherlands are just a few of the juggernauts that the US WON'T be playing until at least July 6 (if indeed they survive that long).  So maybe the soccer gods are making it up to us for taking away those two goals.