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The Invitation Has Been Extended

The Clippers sent out this release at 10PM Pacific (that would be one hour after free agency officially began):

Following is a statement from Neil Olshey of the Los Angeles Clippers:

"We are perfectly positioned to engage this summer's free agent marketplace and we have every intention of playing an active role. A little after midnight eastern time on July 1, we contacted the representatives of several free agent players in whom we have interest."

"We are honored to be one of the select organizations to have been invited to meet with LeBron James and his team. At that time, we intend to present the many reasons why his joining our organization is the best possible choice he could make."

"Key among those reasons is our extraordinary nucleus of players. We have a core group in place which is made up of talented players at every position, a component which would prove attractive to any free agent. "

As events unfold and in accordance with NBA rules, the Clippers will provide updates as necessary.