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NBA Summer League - Day Nine, Clippers Game 4 - The Games Begin to Blur

There's one problem with the NB A Summer League: too much basketball.  I know you guys never expected to hear me say that, but there it is.

It's also worth noting that during the second weekend, when more people can actually attend early afternoon games, there's a tendency for teams to stop playing their name guys.  So I just finished watching a Wizards-Knicks game that featured neither John Wall nor JaVale McGee.  Nonetheless, the Wizards have provided me with some fun finishes the last couple of days.  Yesterday, they beat the Hornets on a last second Lester Hudson three, just seconds after New Orleans had completed a big comeback with a Craig Breackins three of their own.  Today, it was the Knicks coming back on the Wizards, tying the game after trailing big, and winning in overtime.  Although the Wizards weren't playing Wall and McGee, the Knicks had some guys out there who will be on the team next season: Bill Walker, Toney Douglas and Landry Fields.  Fields, from the LBC and Los Alamitos High, does not have a contract with the Knicks, but it's looking like he'll make it.  He's looked really good here.

I'm currently watching Cleveland and Miami.  J.J. Hickson of the Cavs is the leading scorer in Summer League through yesterday, but he's not doing a lot in this game.  In fact, he got stuffed by Jarvis Varnado on a dunk attempt.  Varnado was guy I thought could make the Miami squad after the SuperFriends signed.  A non-threat on offense, Varnado is a great shot-blocker - which seems like a good fit on that roster.  But with all the veteran bigs that are joining up in South Beach, it's beginning to look like there won't be room for Varnado.  Follow second round pick Dexter Pittman, as well as Patrick Beverly, a pick last season, are also here for the Heat.

Citizen Michael White will be excited to hear about former Portland Pilot Pooh Jeter.  He's been the Cavs' second leading scorer here in Vegas.  He's one of those guys that has been the final camp cut on a couple of NBA teams.  He keeps going back to Europe to play, keeps showing up in Summer League to try to get noticed.  He had a really tough stretch in this game where he turned the ball over on three straight trips.  But he settled down and has shot well.  He's a much better scorer now than I remember him being in college.

I think I'll cover the Clippers-Spurs in a separate post.