Big Sofo Signed a 3 Year $10.5 Million Contract With Panathinaikos Athens

Reported in Greece media............

Sofoklis Schortsanitis signed a 3 year $10.5 million contract with the Greek League club Panathinaikos Athens. According to the reports, the Los Angeles Clipeprs first offered Sofo a 3 year $3 million contract and he turned it down because it was not enough money.

They then offered him a 3 year $6 million contract. He told them about how much he was being offered in Greece and that he would need more money from them. The Clippers told him he had "to wait until NBA free agency was over and the Clippers knew how much money they wanted to spend on him."

Schortsanitis told the Clippers that Panathinaikos was going to rescind their offer withing a week and he could no longer wait for them anymore. So he signed with Panathinaikos.

BTW........Schortsanitis said that he did not like the NBA Summer League play because his teammates refused to pass him the ball and refused to do anything other than play a glorified pickup game. He said if he knew his "tryout" with the Clippers was going to be such a joke he would have never wasted his time on it.

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