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A New Twist in the Big Sofo Tale - Maybe He's Not Headed to Panathanaikos After All

A little while ago I received an email from Citizen teregosa in Greece.  He was unable to get into Clips Nation to share this news with us at the time.  Here's his story:

[Earlier] reported that according to a Serbian website, Panathinaikos are in the process of signing Australian big man Aleks Maric from Partisan. They've agreed on the transfer fee and now they need to make their offer to the player. If Maric signs, the report goes, then Panathinaikos will not be looking to Sofo.

Panathinaikos have been knocking on Partisan's door for days, but initially the Serbian club didn't seem interested in talking. All that seems to have changed in the past couple of days. Although is reliable (it's the website for the largest Greek sports radio), sports media in Greece are known to jump the gun just so they can appear to be the ones breaking the news so, like you said in your post, grain of salt.

The link for the article is .

So it looks as if Sofo won't be playing for the Greens after all. 

Is this going to be a little side plot for us all summer?  Is MBFGC this summer's Ramon Sessions?