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Wha Hahppen? VDN gets the nod

SP doesn't seem to be around this evening.  So I'll put it up on top:  the Clips have apparently reached an agreement for Vinny Del Negro to be the next coach of the storied franchise.  Reports are coming in from KA and Lisa Dillman.  The thing to look at is KA's older post, from last week, about the comparison between VDN and Casey and the styles they represent.  KA also reported earlier this week that VDN had been extremely impressive in his interviews with the Clippers.  We have to assume, I think, that the Clips were like all of us outsiders, knowing that Casey looked much better on paper, that he had a system and all sorts of experience.  But I just read the earlier breakdown, and KA mentions the strong improvement of Noah and Gibson under VDN's watch, along with the steady early success of Derrick Rose.  With all of the Clipper youngsters, this counts for a lot.  And VDN may have a more dynamic and salable media presence.  Who knows.  

There's a good discussion over at the fan posts, where this news went up 3 hours ago.  Any further thoughts, before SP gets here?