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This Just In - LeBron James Didn't Choose the Clippers

The reverse mojo strikes again.

I have to say, I was wrong about LeBron James.  I really believed that his ego would not allow him to go to Miami - where Dwyane Wade has already played for seven years, is already lionized almost as much as LBJ is in Cleveland, where Wade has already won a championship for FSM's sake.  I thought that James' desire to be 'the man' (the one and only man, the indisputable man, the man the man) would preclude him pairing up with Wade, especially in Miami.  The two of them starting over together in Chicago?  Maybe.  James going to Wade's team?  I couldn't see it.

Of course, it may not be Wade's team much longer, but for now it is.

And we'll see how it works to have the two players' with the highest usage rates in the league (not to mention three in the top ten) on the same team.  Someone is going to have to give up some touches, that much is clear.  It's going to be fascinating to watch this experiment, I'll tell you that much.  Oh, and I'm glad this team is in the East.  Because even if they will have some holes this season, when they start adding MLE players over the next few seasons, this could certainly be a group to win three or four rings over the course of this contract, and we'll see what happens after that.

But I have another thought on this subject, and it paraphrases Gordon Gekko in Wall Street.  He said "Greed is good."  I'm going to say "Ego is good."

Wouldn't it have been better if this (un)holy trinity had not aligned?  There's something anti-competitive, anti-basketball about it, isn't there?

When you go to the playground to play three-on-three, do the best three players team up and destroy everyone?  Sure, there are certain advantages.  It's fun to win.  Winners get to stay on the court and keep playing.  So if you want to play, then it makes sense for the best players to band together. 

But don't you want to compete also?  When you were a kid choosing sides, did you make the best player a team captain, and then give him the first two picks?  No.  Because that would suck. 

Ego is good.  Ego would keep you from sharing the limelight with the other best players.  Ego would keep a certain competitive balance.

And I thought LeBron's ego would keep him from joining Wade.  But I was wrong.  I guess LeBron's ego is not as big as I thought (though you couldn't really tell from the TV show). 

This is going to be pretty interesting.