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Clips Nation Night at Staples Center - 2010-2011

Last April 11th we had Clips Nation Night at Staples Center. The Clippers had a room for us to meet in before the game, special group prices, some nice giveaways, and all in all it was just a great time. Of course, it was in the final week of a lost season, so there could have been a little more enthusiasm about the team.

That's why Citizen Besaje and I are planning another Clips Nation night, this time for the beginning of the season. It will be much like the last one - a get together, a bar, some give aways, all that. There are two big differences - we won't get the high five tunnel before the game this time. ('Ahhhhh.') Instead, we will get... wait for it... court time after the game! ('Yeah!!!!!')

I figure we need to have the first annual Clips Nation basketball game. I'm not exactly sure what that will look like, but it needs to happen. If we have ten people (or 12 or 16) who want to play, then no problem - we pick teams and play. If we have 50, then it gets a little more complicated. But either way, we'll figure it out.

Citizen Besaje is giving us a choice of dates. Vote for your choice in the poll below.

Let's outdo ourselves this year. We had about 50 people last year - let's make it 100 or more this time. I personally can't wait, so if you want my advice, vote for Opening night! Blake Griffin's NBA debut, we can say we were there. Just like last year, I'm sure we can make some accommodations for season ticket holders who are planning to be at the game anyway and want access to the group events, so be sure to vote for your preferred night even if you already have tickets. I should also point out that the Clippers have never lost when we've had a Clips Nation get together, so we probably need to do these more often.

More details to come after we choose a date. And don't forget to wear your hightops.