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Clippers Training Camp - Day 3 - Penelope Foye Edition

There was some very happy news at Clippers training camp today in Playa Vista: Randy Foye and his wife had a new baby girl yesterday. Mother and daughter are doing well.  Foye will leave tomorrow to return to New Jersey to be with his wife and new baby, returning some time Saturday.  The baby's name is Penelope; this is their second child.

Vinny Del Negro seems very pleased with the performance of both Foye and fellow free agent Ryan Gomes.  "Ryan and Randy, they talk on defense, they're good.  They haven't missed a practice, they play every play... they're just good character sound guys that help you.  Those were the two guys we pinpointed [in free agency]."

Eric Bledsoe skipped practice today after banging his knee in yesterday's session.  He finished practice yesterday but was sore enough today that they decided to hold him back.  VDN didn't seem too concerned.

In coach's words Baron Davis did "very little" in practice today - same with Brian Cook.  Both Davis and Cook were doing conditioning work after practice ended, trying to get into the shape that will allow them to participate fully in practices.

I watched Chris Kaman and Blake Griffin shooting jumpers for awhile after practice.  Kaman is close to automatic from 18 and in.  He was working his way around the court, making 10 from each spot before moving on.  He usually moved to the next spot in about 12 tries.  I watched him make at least 13 straight at one point.  Blake is not nearly the shooter Kaman is at this point, but the shot looks good, and he's certainly working hard to improve.

The team has another practice tonight, one tomorrow and then two more on Saturday.  On Sunday they'll head down to Camp Pendleton for an intra-squad scrimmage as they have done for the last few years.  The scrimmage is restricted to base personnel.

The first pre-season game is Tuesday in Portland.