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On Negativity and Viruses

So the consensus from my Warriors recap is that I'm being too negative, too demanding. Fair enough. You're probably right. Bear in mind that I was probably running a 102 temperature when I wrote it, so it's possible that I wasn't my usual, perky self. I will say this - I think much of what I said, with a more positive overall spin, is not inappropriate. That's probably what I would have done had I felt better. Hard to say.

The sloppiness and lack of focus concerned me, but I'm definitely not giving them enough credit for building a 20 point lead in the first place. Still, if I were their coach, I'd be letting them know that it will take more to beat a good team, or even to beat the Warriors in Oakland.

While I'm giving you a quick update, I'll let you know about my PC virus also. I seem to have gotten rid of it, at least for now. We'll see. We have multiple user accounts on this PC, and the virus was only affecting mine. I ran the AVG virus scan from admin, and it found two trojan horses on my account. I got rid of those, and my account seems to be working fine again.

I'm not sure why AVG let it in to begin with, but I'm happy to be back in cyberspace. I'm also feeling a little better - well, I feel like I was hit by a truck, but at least I don't have a fever anymore.