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What Are You Doing Friday Night?

So I guess I'm a little bit excited about this team right now. I'm so excited, that I impulsively booked the patio at the Beach Club in Long Beach to watch the Warriors game! I know it's short notice, but you're all planning on watching the game anyway - come on out to Long Beach and watch the game with me while drinking some beer!

This is the same place where we had the viewing party at the start of last season. The only difference is that this time we have the big patio not the small patio, so there should be plenty of room for everyone. In fact, I really need you guys to step up, because I'm going to feel like a fool if I reserved a 40 person patio and it turns out to be me and two others. I mean, what happens if the two others are jax and John R? Awkward!

There's a Lakers home game that night and all the people inside the bar will be watching that, but outside on the patio will have the screens dedicated to the Clippers game. They've got big heaters out there, so it's going to be as warm as we need it to be.

I have a feeling that everyone else is as pumped as me right now, and that we're going to get a nice turn out, even on short notice. The game tips off at 7:30; I'll probably be there around 7:15. Don't leave me hanging Citizens. Come on out to the Beach Club and watch the game with me. I should probably point out that every time we do one of these, the Clippers win.

Date: Friday, January 14

Time: Game starts at 7:30 PM, I'll be there about 7:15 I'm guessing

Opponent: Golden State Warriors (should be a fun game)

Location: The Beach Club Sports Bar

5755 E. Pacific Coast Highway, Long Beach

(where PCH and Bellflower and 7th intersect, by the Ralphs)