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The Daily Clipper - Monday (10/10/11)

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Stopgap solution to NBA lockout
If an agreement can't be reached Monday in collective bargaining negotiations between owners and players, why can't a temporary solution be implemented?

Bogut's Australian plans halted by insurance - JSOnline
Milwaukee Bucks center Andrew Bogut will not play for the Sydney Kings or any other Australian team due to insurance issues, Bogut's agent, David Bauman, confirmed Thursday. Blog for the Los Angeles NBA Clippers Fans " Blog Archive " Drew-Goodman Part II: The Disappointing Sequel
Drew-Goodman league summary over at

Former Sacred Heart basketball player, Chauncey Hardy, 23, killed in bar fight in Romania
A former Sacred Heart University basketball player died after suffering a vicious beating by a gang of thugs at a bar in Romania, local police said.

Beck on Sunday's Labor Meeting - NY Times
Players and owners discussed systemic issues, exceptions, luxury tax, but not the BRI split. Meet again today a two pm eastern. - John Raffo's clip.