I can't take it anymore!

During this frustrating time, I encourage all the citizens to use the FanShots as a place to vent, as Citizen Eagleace has done here. Steve

Hey Guys,

I don't post much, but I read all the time. I'm at my breaking point and I thought I'd share it with you guys. I hope that it echoes the thoughts and feelings of a few of you:

I don’t represent the casual basketball fan, the one who will be able to ignore the labor talks and the loss of games that we now know is inevitable, I am a fanatic. A fanatic stands an obsessive step above the fan. A fanatic analyzes the more obscure and less understood statistics, a fanatic lives and dies with his team on a nightly basis and won’t feel whole again until the next opportunity for a win presents itself.

I am the fanatic that finds the middle of July through the third week in September the hardest part of the year. Those are my months without basketball, those are my months without the game I love most.

Sure, I am a Dodgers fan and I love my UCLA Bruins. I enjoy the NFL, and I am active in two fantasy football leagues. I spend most of my Sunday afternoons enjoying the gridiron game, but I can’t live with my Clippers.

A month ago, I thought a 50 game season was our best case scenario. Two weeks ago, I thought we might have 82 games to enjoy (and maybe some playoff games hosted by my beloved Clips). Last week, I began to worry again but was convinced that the NBA and Union would meet again to iron out an 11th hour deal. When it was announced that the two sides would meet this past weekend I thought that there’d be no way to walk away from a deal and that the season was safe. Yesterday, I got kicked in the gut along with all the other NBA diehards.

It wasn’t that the first two weeks of the season were finally cancelled. For most of the last two years I expected to lose much more than that. Every time Billy Hunter addressed his members we heard about it. Hunter preached doom and gloom for the last two years. He prepared his members and the most diehard fans for this. What he didn’t prepare us for was the reasons we would lose part (if not all) of this season. We spent the better part of the summer believing that BRI, an acronym I now understand all too well, would be the deal breaker. Anybody covering this mess focused on BRI and once the NBA "took the hard cap off the table" it seemed as if it was the only major hurdle to be cleared. How was everyone so wrong?

Did the two sides really believe that a deal was possible yesterday, or were we all duped into believing that was the case? Which side is stretching beyond what they should and killing our opportunity to watch the best athletes in the world play the best game? As a labor union member in a separate industry, I’m apt to blame the NBA. Especially, when you consider the concessions that they seem to be asking the Union to make. Ultimately, I’m sure the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Honestly, I don’t care anymore.

I’ll leave the real analysis to the experts.

I’m tired of hearing everyone’s theories and "sources" telling people vague details (a terrible oxymoron, i know) about what goes on behind the closed doors of the Waldorf Astoria. I need a break.

I'd drive myself crazy if I continued to follow this mess. Someone wake me when these pricks finally come to an agreement.

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