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The Daily Clipper (10/13/11)


Kevin Durant, Blake Griffin to play in charity event at Cox Center |
Kevin Durant's all-star exhibition game will be played at 6 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 23, inside the Cox Convention Center.

NBA talks headed to federal mediator -
BergerSphere - NBA talks headed to federal mediator

The Sporting Discourse: How the NHL will surpass the NBA - The Daily Iowan

Twitter / @Baron_Davis: FYI, I have no involvement ...

Hard tax system could create parity in NBA, but at a cost - NBA - Sporting News

A guide to the NBA lockout - BusinessWeek
Some questions and answers about the NBA's labor impasse:

Media meltdowns: Lamest photographer fight ever
Some comedy relief thanks to media photographers...

Weijia Column: Update from China on Marbury
Singleton and Telfair among some of the players heading to China

Amar'e Stoudemire Dunks on Blake Griffin at ESPN - YouTube
Thanks to the NBA lockout we don't know when we will see Amar'e dunk again, so during an interview at ESPN, Amar'e slammed on Blake Griffin.  Hat tip to PV Mike for posting this on the Fanshot!

Can Basketball Fans Score Bargains During the NBA Lockout? - DailyFinance
After the strife-torn NBA cancelled the first two weeks of the basketball season, we wondered: Would this mean any financial relief for fans? Somewhere in the war between the wealthy players and owners, are there savings to be found for the ordinary people who spend money on NBA tickets and gear?

National Basketball League of Canada | 2011-2012 Season