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The Daily Clipper (10/17/11)

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Bad case of the Muhndaaays for me!...!  Hopeful that tomorrow’s talks will bring us a Christmas present!

Mediator brings best of all worlds to NBA negotiations –
A little info about tomorrow's mediator...I wish him the best of luck!

In defense of Blake Griffin's top 10 ranking - TrueHoop Blog - ESPN
KA steps up for BG's ranking!

N.B.A. Players Union Fights Off Impression That It Isn’t United -
Washington center JaVale McGee denied a comment he made after leaving a union meeting early, notably that he reportedly said some players were ready to fold.

Lawson, Weems, Krstic, Kirilenko viewable today
some live euro bball today! NBA Blogs - Jackson Vroman " Living it up
I don't remember this guy, but he has some stories!

Clippers Guard Eric Gordon Says Players Are Still United During NBA Lockout - The Red Carpet - SB Nation Los Angeles
Is there going to be an end to the NBA lockout any time soon? Los Angeles Clippers guard Eric Gordon says the players are united, and is confident the two sides can come to an agreement.

Video: Adam Morrison drops 30 in an actual competitive basketball game | The Basketball Jones | Blogs |
LOL...our solution at SF!?

My Soapbox Advice to the OWS Movement and then some " blog maverick
Cuban is hella savvy!

Frank and Jamie McCourt confirm divorce settlement -
Frank and Jamie McCourt confirmed in a joint statement Monday that they have settled their divorce, as The Times reported earlier in the day. The McCourts disclosed no terms other than that Jamie McCourt would withdraw her Bankruptcy Court opposition...