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George Cohen - Super Mediator!

The league and the players association met in New York Tuesday with federal mediator George Cohen in the room. And they met. And they met.

They started at 10 AM Eastern Time, and they finished after 2 in the morning, after more than 16 hours in the room together. When they emerged, they told the members of the press who had been there all day... that they were going to meet more on Wednesday (which of course, it was already Wednesday).

(So glad that my only experience covering lockout meetings was in Beverly Hills with the players; three hours and JaVale McGee fun beats the hell out of 16 hours and diddly squat.)

What does it all mean? It's impossible to say exactly, but it would seem to indicate that both sides are taking this very seriously. The NBA Board of Governor's meeting was scheduled for Wednesday, but instead Stern and half the owners will be in the lockout meeting with the player's association. I can't imagine that they would re-schedule the BOG meeting without a real possibility of progress on the lockout.

In another indication of the impact that Cohen seems to be having, he asked both sides to refrain from commenting between meetings - and so far they seem to be honoring his request!

I don't know if any of the writers in NYC are going to post tonight or not; they really should get some sleep because they have to be back there in  less than 8 hours. Keep an eye on the twitter feeds of the key reporters to get the latest:

Ken Berger

Adrian Wojnarowski

Chris Sheridan

David Aldridge