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The Daily Clipper - Thursday (10/20/11)

NBA talks reach messy point where even Cohen needs a drink - NBA - Basketball
Berger: Drunk on the details

Another long session in NBA labor talks, and more to come -
After meeting with a federal mediator for more than eight hours Wednesday, NBA owners and locked-out players agree to continue discussions on a new collective bargaining agreement Thursday.

saw this in Blake's FB page.... Blake Griffin pulled off one of the most memorable dunks of all... - Clips Nation
Nice find by KidJustin on the Fanshots

Blake Griffin hurt, pulls out of Sunday's charity game |
Former Oklahoma standout Blake Griffin has pulled out of Sunday’s exhibition game featuring Kevin Durant, LeBron James and other NBA stars because of a foot injury.

#NBArank -- NBA's most overpaid and underpaid players - ESPN
Larry Coon combines player salaries with #NBArank to see who is overpaid and who is underpaid. Two Clippers made the top 10 in underpaid.

NBA lockout: Why the players will lose - SportsWatch - MarketWatch
History shows owners can play waiting game with little risk to their demands or the future of the league.