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The uh... Weekend Evening Clipper 10/22/11

Welcome to a rare Weekend Clipper!  
A weekend post? A weekend "Clipper"? I mean what's up with that?  Well... you may have noticed, though you probably didn't, that many of my recent front page posts have vanished. It seems someone (name withheld to protect the innocent) accidentally deleted his own recent pearls. Steve (the "boss") said he would submit the appropriate email to the powers that be, but that he wasn't sure he should trouble the tech people about the unexpected and completely understandable gaffe. "I mean," said Steve, "After all, who's gonna miss a few posts? (Now if they were Steve's posts I'm sure he'd look at it a little differently, but... moving on.) 

Unfortunately, if you missed my Daily Clipper post from yesterday, it was incredibly brilliant, the best ever, but you'll just have to take my word for it because it is gone, probably forever. Anyway, here's some stuff I gathered to try and make up for your loss: 

Howard Beck: Sides Predict a Meeting Next Week

Mac Engel: Bill Guerin to NBA players: It's not worth it (Hat tip to C. Another Son...)

Sam Amick, : David Stern, NBA turn labor negotations into disgrace

Knicks' Reed: Forever a Captain Among Men -  I really liked this article. 

Craig Smith on YouTube - If I was Craig Smith, I might be in Europe right now.

Negotiations could be hijacked by racial perceptions - The Washington Post  I hate this stuff, but we can't ignore it.