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The Daily Clipper - Wed (10/26/11)

Back in the office...a little late, but here are some clippings from the internets:

Did Lakers' TV Deal Push More Owners Toward Extended NBA Lockout? - Ziller

How "small market" owners took control - Brian Windhorst - TrueHoop
A couple of days before the start of training camp in 2006, David Stern received an uncomfortable letter at the NBA's New York offices. 

Lockout Talks resume today - Chris Sheridan
Newsday had it first, late last night.

Colangelo School of Sports Business forms with Grand Canyon University in Phoenix - The Washington Post
Even when owners and players clashed about salaries and salary caps, one man always had respect on both sides of the table.

Dec. 13 Lakers-Raptors game already off schedule - Lakers blog : The Orange County Register
of course, it could just because it's the Raptors...

MLB accuses Frank McCourt of 'looting' $189 million from Dodgers -
For the first time, Major League Baseball put a specific number on the amount it alleges Dodgers owner Frank McCourt took out of the team -- $189.16 million -- and described the distributions as "looting."

Freakonomics " Economist Allen Sanderson Answers Your Questions on Taxing College Football

Jordan: Love The Game - YouTube
Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul, and Carmelo Anthony won't stop balling. Nobody can take away your love of the game. That's yours to keep.

30 Seconds With Shaquille O'Neal: Off the Court, but Still Going at Full Speed -
Shaquille O'Neal, an analyst on TNT, was hopeful there would soon be real N.B.A. games.

Chris Mullin Interview: NBA Hall Of Famer On Big East, New York Basketball And Summer League
Born in Brooklyn in 1963, Chris Mullin came of age during the a golden age of basketball in the Big Apple. As immortalized in The City Game: Basketball From The Garden To The Playgrounds, Pete Axthelm's iconic ode to hoops culture, New York City was the center of the basketball universe as Mullin grew up.

Dr. Boyce Watkins: Bryant Gumbel, David Stern and the NBA Plantation
Based on Gumbel's remarks over the years, I quietly suspect that beneath the polished, articulate demeanor lies a Black Panther always waiting to happen. In fact, that's one of the reasons I respect him so much.

Get your own Jewish Under 40 League t-shirt | The Basketball Jones | Blogs |

Are Sports Teams Owners Anti Capitalism - BUY LIKE BUFFETT
With all of the lockouts taking place in professional sports, you have to wonder are sports teams owners anti capitalism. Blog for the Los Angeles NBA Clippers Fans " Blog Archive " When "counting the rings" goes wrong

Ty Lawson isn’t enjoying Lithuania | The Basketball Jones | Blogs |

After being sued for $200K, Julius Erving puts his trophy case up for auction - Ball Don't Lie - NBA Blog - Yahoo! Sports

Are we watching something we love die right in front of us? - is Arizona's Sports Page. Complete coverage, late breaking news and opinions on your favorite Arizona teams including Arizona Cardinals, Phoenix Suns, Arizona Diamondbacks,Coyotes, ASU, U of A, NAU

Former Dallas Maverick worries about NBA lockout | Mavericks/NBA | Sports News and Videos on ...
Mark Aguirre talks about the lockout and players who set the Mavericks' foundation. NBA Blogs - Matt Tolnick " Revenue sharing: A formula for all markets