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Griffin To Play in Puerto Rico - Oh, and Kaman too (Not that anyone cares)

The first (and possibly only leg) of the World All Star Classic will kick off this Sunday in San Juan Puerto Rico. Despite several last minute scratches (who may or may not have ever committed to the game) including LeBron James, Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony, Derrick Rose and Russell Westbrook, it's still an impressive cast that will assemble. Among the elite NBA players who are confirmed for the game are two Clippers: Blake Griffin and (surprisingly) Chris Kaman.

Not that anyone really cares in Kaman's case. Here's Adrian Wojanrowski's tweet about the players from earlier tonight:


If you count them up, there are twelve names on that list. Now, as far as I can tell, there are 14 players actually confirmed for the game - the missing two being Chris Kaman and Kevin Love. Here is Ira Winderman's tweet with the full list of confirmations (Winderman says 13, but then proceeds to list 14 names):


Not to nitpick, but if indeed this is an "All Star Classic", then 2010 All Star Kaman has more of a right to be there than Tyson Chandler, who has never made an All Star team. 

Is there some sort of strange anti-white discrimination going on here with Woj, who lists off the dozen African American participants in the contest, and omits the only two caucasians? (I kid.)

Now, the rumor is that team captains will be assigned for the game, and then those guys will pick their teams. Poor Kaman - he'll probably be the last player picked. Winderman has the full story on the game.