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The Daily Clipper - Thurs (10/27/11)


Berger: Progress on system; 82 games still 'possible'
Progress on system; 82 games still 'possible'

Wojnarowski: NBA, players make progress toward deal
Owners and the players union negotiated into the early morning as they moved closer to a labor agreement.

Beasley traveled common road to NBA - Yahoo! Sports
Michael Beasley's countersuit against his former agent reveals the seedy, but not unusual, tale of basketball recruiting. - National Basketball Association news

Twitter / @Chris_Broussard: Meetings just ended after ...

USA Basketball: USA Holds Off Dominican Republic For 77-76 Win

Shortened NBA season would be good for the young at heart -
Not everybody should be angered by the NBA lockout . Not even close.

NBA Lockout Infographic | 2011 Season #nba #lockout
Timeline for the 2011 NBA lockout. Find out all important dates and issues surrounding the negotiations.

Bridgeman is successful in retirement | Courier-Post |
Junior Bridgeman had a nice NBA career with the Los Angeles Clippers and the Milwaukee Bucks, but he's had an even better post-NBA career and you hope some of these current pro athletes are paying attention.

Timberwolves Second-Worst Drafting Team In NBA Since 1989 - Hooks, Lines & Sinkers - SB Nation Minnesota
The Minnesota Timberwolves are among the worst drafting teams in the NBA. In a related story, water also has a tendency to be wet.