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NBA Lockout - Handshake Tomorrow?

I don't have anything to add to what is being reported. Word out of today's meetings is that the league and the players are very close to an agreement, which could be reached tomorrow. 

Here's are some excerpts from Adrian Wojnarowski's report:

"There’s a strong expectation [within the negotiations] that hands will shake [Friday]."

"I think we’re within reach – and within striking distance of getting a deal," Players Association executive director Billy Hunter said. "It’s just how receptive the NBA is, and whether they want to do a deal."

NBA commissioner David Stern declared it will be a "failure" for the league's owners and players if a new labor agreement isn't finished within the next few days.

If indeed an agreement is reached, the expectation is that all or at least most of the season will be saved. Assuming a December 1 start, even without compressing the schedule or extending the season, that would allow for about 70 games - I'd take that. (As it happens, it's pretty easy to make a very balanced schedule with 70 games - you play teams in the other conference twice each, home and away. and teams in your own conference three times each.)