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The Daily Clipper - Monday (10/3/11)

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Hey Citizens!

Here's my first foray into this link-y deal.  Any suggestions/comments are welcome.  

The Painted Area: Early Take: London 2012 Olympic Basketball Power Rankings
We love international ball at CN, so here's some good stuff for you citizens...

(1) Marc Stein (STEIN_LINE_HQ) on Twitter  I did not know this...

Darius Miles former NBA player charged with felony after bringing gun to airport - NBA News | FOX Sports on MSN

CLIPPERS: From the Gridiron to the Hardwood - | 9/29/11 - Good to know we have some experience in this year's squad...

Top five Centers in Los Angeles Clippers history: A fan's take - NBA - Yahoo! Sports - I think this is the same fellow who had all those rankings of SFs...

Spurs Nation » Would the Spurs be interested in Baron Davis?

Malibu's Vital Zuman Still Vital - Malibu, CA Patch - Story about a organic farm on a strip of land owned by DTS.

NBA Blog Preivews: Los Angeles Clippers - CelticsBlog - This blog tends to be a bit over the top when it comes to celtics stuff, but here's a link anyhow...

Revenue sharing less of an issue in NBA lockout, Stern says - hat-tip to John Raffo

Hope you guys enjoy this on going portion of the site and thanks to ClipperSteve for allowing me to do this!