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The Daily Clipper - Tuesday (10/4/11)

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Good morning's a little internets round-up:


Twitter / @blakegriffin: First day of training camp  - .haha...See what he did there!?

NBA Lockout: The night before - - Eye on Basketball - NBA Lockout: The night before. Make or break day.

T.J. Simers: Do you believe in miracles? Joseph Frazier's family does - - Non-Clippers related story; however, Joseph's mother is a close co-worker of mine. Great piece by the usually soulless Simers. Keep Joseph in your prayers.

Text of Derek Fisher's letter to NBA players -
NEW YORK — Text of a letter players' association president Derek Fisher sent to NBA players Monday that was obtained by The Associated Press:

Baron Davis explains the lumberjack look | The Basketball Jones | Blogs |
I want that guy on MY negotiating team!

Today Would Have Been NBA Media Day - FishbowlLA
Monday Would Have Been NBA Media Day...Can you imagine how many clippings we would have had!

Revenue sharing less of an issue in NBA lockout, Stern says
NBA commissioner David Stern said owners plan to quadruple their internal revenue sharing by Year 4- hat-tip to John Ruffo