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The Daily Clipper - Thursday (10/6/11)

NBA Labor -- Agents back off decertification push after meeting, source says - ESPN
The seven agents who sent NBA players a warning letter on Monday backed off calls for decertification of the union after a conference call Wednesday to discuss their next move, according to sources with knowledge of the situation.

Spurs' Parker to play for French team for pittance - NBA - Yahoo! Sports
Tony Parker will play with a French team during the NBA lockout. Seems like alot foreign players are playing back home.

This FIFA game looks pretty cool!

Los Angeles Clippers Blake Griffin reflects on breakout season, what's ahead - ESPN Los Angeles
The Clippers' Blake Griffin reflects on breakout season and what's ahead.

OU notebook: Blake Griffin will be on ESPN's GameDay |
BG making a guest apperance.

Jay Kang and Bill Simmons Create The Oracle Basketball League to Save the NBA From Itself - Grantland
If the NBA owners and players can't make a deal, why not start from scratch with some help from a feisty billionaire?

Basketball Jobs : The Official NBA Team Jobs Board
NBA Team Jobs Board - Did you know the nba had this? You can add them to your RSS feed. Just passing this on for any citizens looking for jobs or know others who might be interested (with this economy, who doesn't!?)