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The Daily Clipper - Friday (10/7/11)

NBA Lockout: Amnesty clause could help rich teams, hurt poor teams.
A proposed amnesty clause in NBA labor negotiations may help teams save money, but it also would dramatically impact free agency and give an unfair advantage to the top-spending teams. - Hat tip to Buddahfan for adding this to yesterday's clippings.

Former LA Clippers forward sells $1.2M 4BD in Tarzana | BlockShopper Los Angeles
Lots of Loy fans here, including me, will be interested in this.

The Downey Patriot - Clippers chaplain is guest speaker
Didn't know teams had chaplains!

Hoops Addict " Catching Up With Morgan Lewis
did you know there was a Canadian pro league?

Blake Griffin on NBA lockout: ‘We have to wait for a better deal’ - The Washington Post
There's no panic in Blake Griffin, whether it's holding out with his fellow NBA players for a better labor deal or posing nearly nude in a national magazine. 

The Point Forward " Posts So no one cares about the NBA, huh? "
The Point Forward - Zach Lowe on the NBA