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The Daily Clipper – Early-Christmas-Present Edition

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Life seems normal again…and my nights will be filled with kids screaming along with me during games!  Good times! Blog for the Los Angeles NBA Clippers Fans " Blog Archive " King Me: An Obsession With Small Forwards
Dissecting the Side-Screen Roll Since 2006

Each N.B.A. Team Can Waive One Bad Contract -
The league’s new amnesty clause is a salary-cap do-over, but one that few general managers are expected to use.

How Your Team Is Affected By NBA Lockout Deal -
Not all teams will see the same results from the NBA lockout deal reached on Saturday. To help ascertain what the future holds, we have broken it down team by team. Spoiler alert: the Clippers will probably still suck.

What are top NBA free agents really worth? - ESPN
What are the top NBA free agents worth? Our 5-on-5 team opens up the checkbook.

Clippers basketball: Hope for Clippers in 2011-12 season -
is this the new lat beat writer?.

2011-2012 NBA Schedule Breakdown: Opening Day On Christmas, How Lakers, Clippers Are Affected - The Red Carpet - SB Nation Los Angeles
We don't yet know the full details of the agreement between the NBA owners and players, but we do know the tentative plan is to start the season on Christmas Day, presumably with the previously scheduled contest at Staples Center between the Los Angeles Lakers and Chicago Bulls as one of the games, a great showcase between Kobe Bryant and reigning league MVP Derrick Rose.

Pending agreement, season to open Dec. 25 |
... below is a general breakdown of how the 2011-12 NBA Season schedule will be structured. Full details of the schedule will be released on upon its completion.

Six years from now - TrueHoop Blog - ESPN
US Presswire Video and digital media are poised to become major economic factors in the NBA's future. The issues that govern the NBA's new collective

NBA players confident new agreement will pass - ESPN Los Angeles
NBA players confident new deal will pass.

Expectations high for Blake Griffin, Los Angeles Clippers - ESPN Los Angeles
Even with Blake Griffin and a bevy of young talent, the Clippers have work to do.