CP3 trade scenarios...what do the Hornets want?

My head is buzzing with the idea of having CP3 throw lobs to Griffin and DJ in the near future...shoot even Bledsoe and him have some serious chemistry as evidenced here.


So what package(s) will get the Hornets to bite.  Obviously the Minny pick is a given in any trade involving Chris Paul, but what else?  My fear is that they'll want demand Eric Gordon Jr as well as salaries to match in say, Chris Kaman.  Is CN prepared to give up our beloved below-average guard?

I'm not sure to be honest.  How many shooting guards are going to be better than him over the next 10 yrs?  Not many...maybe not even one.


The way I see it - the Hornets will want some combination of:


  1. Assets (Minny pick)
  2. Shedding of big, long contracts (e.g. Okafor)
  3. Taking on expiring contracts (e.g. Kaman, Foye)
  4. Getting talent (e.g. EJ)

I'm fine with items 1 thru 3 on this list.  It's #4 that gets me thinking...
For example, I would do Minny pick, Kaman and Foye for CP3 and Okafor without batting an eye.  But are we prepared to offer EJ on top of that as well?  Vote below.

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