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Clippers Rumors - Tayshaun Prince, Caron Butler on the List

We've mostly been speculating to this point about whom the Los Angeles Clippers would target as a free agent small forward. According to Broderick Turner of the LA Times, our new best friend as the big media beat writer for the team, Tayshaun Prince and Caron Butler are high on the list.

That Prince is at the top of the list is hardly a surprise. General Manager Neil Olshey's description of the type of player he wanted at small forward has long been a police artist's sketch of Prince. When you're looking for "championship experience" it narrows the field a bit.

Butler is more of a surprise, because he's more of a risk. A two-time All Star who made the team as recently as 2008, he's also 31 and returning from knee surgery, the last in a series of injuries that have limited his playing time in recent seasons.

I still suspect that Shane Battier and Andrie Kirilenko are of interest to the Clippers, and the fact that they're not mentioned in Turner's piece doesn't mean they are not. However, it may be that Olshey thinks Prince and/or Butler are more likely targets. Remember, Kirilenko may be worth more to New Jersey and their Russian Billionaire owner Mikhail Prokhorov. Meanwhile, Battier will likely be in high demand. For what it's worth, Prince has always been the one that I believed Olshey would go after.