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The Daily Clipper - Rejected Edition

Based on this morning's tweets (you can follow me @jflo_1 ) things are looking good after yesterday’s rejection by the PA...we'll see...

NBA players' union rejects latest offer from owners -
It was the players' turn to strike back at the NBA lockout .

Darren Collison makes do with less during NBA lockout -
The checks that would make Darren Collison a millionaire were just starting to come in when the New Orleans Hornets rookie received some startling advice during the 2009-10 season.

Los Angeles Galaxy's Landon Donovan skips U.S. friendly because of MLS Cup - ESPN Los Angeles
Who you got? Galaxy or Dyanmo?

Twitter / @blakegriffin: Just ran into my big bro B ...

Some Local Businesses Hurting Without NBA Assist : NPR
The NBA's ongoing lockout affects the hometown cities in different ways. While most large cities with a professional basketball team can attract fans with other professional sports, in places like Oklahoma City, businesses suffer as a result. Economists estimate each lost game is a million-dollar hit to the city's economy.

No word yet on whether owners and players will meet today
Billy Hunter said Tuesday night he would call David Stern to request another meeting. Stern said he'd take the call, but he'd have to check with the owners' labor relations committee on whether a sitdown would be appropriate.

Twitter / @HowardBeckNYT: Summing up the labor talks ...
Summing up the labor talks: Players signal they will take NBA's 50-50 deal, conditioned on league backing off of certain "system" changes