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Chris Paul Trade Thread

With alot going on tonight surrounding the Clippers and the potential acquisition of Chris Paul, the nation is abuzz late into the night. Per request of citizen wilriv21, here is a thread for all of you diehards. Instead of bouncing from fanshot to fanshot, we can post new links here, and not have to worry about seperate debates on all of the seperate front page posts. Since we have 9 fanshots front pages today alone, which I assume must be some kind of Clipper Nation record, there must be alot of concerned citizens out there who need to repeat themselves on all of the threads. So, here's the basic links. Any important new ones can be added by any of the contributors.

Los Angeles Lakers Pull Out of Trade Talks for Chris Paul- Marc Stein, ESPN

If no New York Knicks, Los ANgeles Lakers, Chris Paul wants Clippers- Marc Stein, ESPN

Blake Griffin could be Los Angeles Clippers' Biggest Chip in luring Chris Paul- Kevin Arnovitz, ESPN

Also, some important Ric Bucher tweets.

Note by Lucas at 11:35PM: Our fearless leader now has his post up regarding the situation, so head over there to share your thoughts.