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CP3 Impending Joyousness Overflow Thread

Here's a new thread for the Euro's and night owls. I'm going to bed. Playa Vista should be interesting tomorrow.

[Note by Steve Perrin, 12/12/11 7:07 AM PST ] Although an ESPN story posted around 6:30 AM PT stated that Eric Gordon was in the deal, that seems to be more typo than anything else -perhaps the work of tired reporters. A few minutes later, Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! tweeted that Gordon was not in the deal.

The ESPN story seems like a mistake simply because, while it says Gordon is not in the deal, it later states that the Clippers decided to give up one of their two main assets. It also makes no mention of the importance of the inclusion of Gordon, which has after all been a key point of this entire negotiation. For now, I feel confident that the trade was submitted without Gordon.

[Note by Steve Perrin, 12/12/11 8:32 AM PST ] Although the inclusion of Gordon in the ESPN story is bizarre to say the least (it's the real news of that story if it's true, yet they make a bigger deal about whether or not Eric Bledsoe is in it), Chris Broussard is sticking with his info. Meanwhile, Ken Berger has joined the other side, repeating that the Clippers "have not and will not" included Gordon. Broussard has a reasonable backstory for the dueling versions: the Clippers according to Broussard are actively trying to keep EJ's name out of it until it's done to spare EJ's feelings.