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The Daily Clipper - Wed (12/14/11)

Michael John Smith (clippstvsmith) on Twitter
"I know it's early, but Dallas is my early face to win the west!" Mike Smith is finally on twitter...follow him!

Rush for Christmas start leaves NBA in disarray |
VanGundy makes a good point about Christmas being an arbitrary starting date...i expect low quality product this season...

Clips wait for NBA to lower Paul demands - NBA - Yahoo! Sports
The Clippers are reluctant to part with too many of their assets in any potential trade for Chris Paul. - National Basketball Association newsLos Angeles Clippers vs. Los Angeles Lakers - ESPN Los Angeles

Which Staples Center tenant has the better backcourt? Future?

Los Angeles Clippers, not Los Angeles Lakers, have a plan - ESPN Los Angeles

Nice piece by "The Pest"

Chris Kaman says contract year doesn't affect his approach -
Hopefully this wasn't already posted in the much news, so fast!

Clippers are close to deal for Chris Paul with Hornets -
When i clipped this story, the last update bt had was 11:10pm...hopefully, not much has changed since then....

Blake Griffin changing Clippers' image, but not his personality -
TJ is actually saying something nice about bg...takes a shot at the pujols signing though...

Clips hesitant about making deal for Paul - NBA - Yahoo! Sports
The NBA office has tried to restart negotiations on a possible deal to send Chris Paul to the Clippers. - National Basketball Association news