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The Daily Clipper – Lob-City-Established Edition

Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, Los Angeles Clippers take calculated risk - ESPN Los Angeles
Winning is the way the Clippers lock up Chris Paul and Blake Griffin long term.

Eric Gordon's rush-hour commute - TrueHoop Blog - ESPN
While Chris Paul named his landing spot, Eric Gordon went along for the ride.

Future of Hornets looks bleak in NBA-unfriendly New Orleans - Chris Mannix -
Chris Paul is gone, his future Donald Sterling's problem now. The most controversial trade in recent memory -- what else can you call a deal the commissioner has to approve and 29 owners get to whine, I mean, weigh in on? -- is in the books. Debate over whether or not the NBA shoved Hornets GM Dell Demps into a corner, whether the Lakers/Rockets offer was better than the Clippers,' whether there is a conflict of interest for a man (David Stern) hell bent on keeping star players in small markets to have unilateral control in deciding where and when one will be traded will evaporate around the water cooler.

Everybody lost in the Chris Paul trade
The Chris Paul trade saga was a fiasco for the NBA, and it isn't going to make the Los Angeles Clippers or the New Orleans Hornets playoff-caliber teams, SheridanHoops editor-in-chief Chris Sheridan writes.

Twitter / Home
@sbnation Eric Gordon found out he was traded while on a tour bus full of Clippers fans.

Michael John Smith (clippstvsmith) on Twitter
"I know it's early, but Dallas is my early face to win the west!" Mike Smith is finally on twitter...follow him!

Rush for Christmas start leaves NBA in disarray |
VanGundy makes a good point about Christmas being an arbitrary starting date...i expect low quality product this season...

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