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The Daily Clipper - CP3Ohmeohmy Edition

Been wanting to use that C3PO reference since Wednesday night! Just a few tidbits...there's more on the internets, but lets just enjoy the moment.

NBA Season Preview: Los Angeles Clippers | ProBasketballTalk
Last season: 32-50, or to frame it in context, 13th place in the West out of 15 teams. Head Coach: Vinny Del Negro, who, after the team successfully traded for Chris Paul, is now officially on the hot seat.

Los Angeles Clippers, Los Angeles Lakers draw lines in the sand - ESPN Los Angeles
The Clippers may be exciting now, but Kobe's squad isn't relenting its throne.

How Chris Paul Will Make DeAndre Jordan Better -
With Paul, Griffin and Jordan, the Clippers have their own Big Three.

There's a seismic shift in L.A. hoops
Raise your hand if you root for the best team in LA... not so fast Lakers fans.

Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, Los Angeles Clippers take calculated risk - ESPN Los Angeles
Winning is the way the Clippers lock up Chris Paul and Blake Griffin long term.