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Clippers Scrimmage Open Thread

For anyone here with their smartphone who wants to comment, or those at home who are curious (there's no TV of radio, is there?), I thought I'd start a thread on the scrimmage. If nothing else I can take notes here.

It looks like the team's break down this way, based on the warm ups:

White team

Mo Williams

Randy Foye

Ryan Gomes

Trey Thompkins

Brian Cook

Travis Leslie

Willie Warren

Renaldo Major

Blake Ahearn

Adam Koch

Blue team

DeAndre Jordan

Caron Butler

Chauncey Billups

Chris Paul

Blake Griffin

Courtney Fortson

Marcus Hubbard

Not in uniform

Eric Bledsoe

The starting team for blue (which can be interpreted as the second unit as of this point in time) is Mo, Foye, Gomes, Thompkins and Cook - no surprises there. Two of those guys started last year, one was a key reserve, and Cook and Thompkins are the only other bigs under contract.

Interesting that they saved Blake's intro for last during the pre-game.