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The Daily Clipper - Monday - 12/19/2011

- How much are we going to miss Chris Kaman? A picture's worth a thousand words. I mean, how do you trade a guy who looks like this?

- Lawler's Law is missing again, and Kim Jong Il is dead. Coincidence?

- The Clippers news today is basically that after a couple of days of practice, they have an exhibition game with the Lakers tonight at Staples center. What will we learn from this battle of Western Conference titans? Uh... probably nothing.

- I looked around the interweb, and I found a couple of cool things. After the jump:

Jovan Buha at - I probably would have skipped this but they've got a video up featuring a long but uneventful interview with Blake Griffin, Chris Paul, and Chauncey Billups and Fearless Leader's clearly visible holding a tape recorder over Chauncey Billup's shoulder. He held the recorder up for a long time and I'm sure he had to ice it for a couple of hours afterward. Probably why he hasn't put up anything about the Clips scrimmage yesterday... yet.

Durant benefits from 'Derrick Rose rule' | - This is interesting, Kevin Durant's new contract has kicked in.And it contains the 5 percent bump permissible under the so-called Derrick Rose rule. According to Darnell Mayberry, if Russell Westbrook is named to the all-star team this year, he'll also be eligible for a thirty percent max contract. That would leave the Thunder paying 60 percent of their payroll to two players. Can OKC, a small market team, possibly afford these two players without going heavily into the luxury tax? Which of course becomes hugely punitive in two years time?

NBA Season Preview: Los Angeles Clippers | ProBasketballTalk - Vinny Del Negro is now officially on the hot seat.

Ramona Shelburne: Chemistry will take time for the Los Angeles Clippers - ESPNLA - With Blake Griffin willing to defer the spotlight, the Clippers could make strides.

Clippers: Fans already love Chris Paul - - Brad Turner: New point guard and Chauncey Billups hear it before scrimmage at Galen Center.

Kevin Arnovitz on Chauncey Billups - Can't remember if this has been posted already. KA on Chauncey. - TrueHoop

CLIPPERS VIDEO: Scrimmage Highlights - from

Michael Wilbon: The Chris Paul trade is an awkward and infuriating lesson in how small-market teams can rebuild
Wilbon has this pretty fair assessment of the Chris Paul trade and why the NBA has to get out of the ownership business.