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The Daily Clipper - Tuesday - 12/19/2011

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Okay, Lawler's Law is still missing. No answer at his house but there haven't been any strange, unexplained deaths in foreign political circles, so I suspect he's either in transit or on a sandy beach somewhere, soaking up the sun, and polishing his garrote.

There's a ton of stuff out there on last night's pre-season game between the two Los Angeles NBA teams. (Throw a rock, you'll hit one.) Most of it says the same stuff over and over again, the Clips were pretty good, the Lakers pretty bad. I think the LA Times has about ten articles by itself. I'll start with those after the jump....

You can check the LA Times articles yourself or you can look at the one's I picked out:

-Mike Bresnahan - Clippers' rout of Lakers doesn't count . . . well, maybe a little - It's only an exhibition, and that's some consolation to Lakers after Clippers roll, 114-95, behind new Chris Paul-Chauncey Billups backcourt. But it sure looks like tide is reversing in L.A. rivalry.
- TJ Simers - Oh my, Clippers could be something really special this season - Page 2 - I can't stand Simers, he's a cheapshot artist. He takes a swipe at Mo Williams via Brad Turner, then...
- Brad Turner says the exact opposite - Mo Williams accepts new role as Clippers backup guard I like Brad Turner. He and Simers should get their act synced.
- Bill Dwyre: Clippers steal the Showtime from Lakers This is worthwhile. Dwyre's better than Plaschke, way better than Simers. Just my opinion.
- Clippers: With Chris Paul, have fast hands or get hit in the head - DeAndre Jordan is a funny guy.

A couple of more game stories from the national media:

Clippers beat Lakers in preseason – Chris Paul had 17 points, nine assists and seven rebounds in his debut and the Clippers grabbed a 114-95 victory over the Lakers on Monday.

Chris Paul, Clippers show the power could be shifting in Los Angeles - Lee Jenkins - Paul told teammate Chauncey Billups when they emerged from the tunnel: "This is crazy."

Clippers look good in rout, but it's still Lakers' town | - Scott Howard-Cooper looks a little deeper.

TheBigLead: Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan Catch Alley-Oops vid Don't know anything about this site but they've aggregated some clips from last night's game. Lob City if you missed it.

And some other stuff of interest to we Clipper fans:

Former Blazers center Joel Przybilla will weigh free agent options before deciding on 12th NBA season - An older article (11/3011) from Jason Quick of The Oregonian. The 7-foot-1 center who has battled knee and back injuries says his body feels great, but it will take the right situation to pry him away from his family. (In other blurbs around the web, he promises to play this year but won't make a decision until after Christmas. Will the Clips wait?)

Billups still adjusting to surroundings after Clippers get him in waiver auction from Knicks - The Washington Post I'm putting it up because it's the Post. I think this is a sign of the Clips impact of the national media. Nothing new, but we see Billups coming fully around to the Clippers way.

Q&A with Trail Blazers owner Paul Allen | - The Blazers owner, who hasn't spoken publicly about his team in nearly two years, says he has no plans to sell, is in good health, and his days of big spending are over... or "How I became a hawk, by Paul Allen". This is another owner, who, like Dan Gilbert, lost his superstar player and would like us to shed a tear for him. He also throws Kevin Pritchard under the bus. He's unintentionally funny, unfathomably wealthy, and he's a crybaby.

There's some twitter action regarding Samuel Dalembert, wherein the Rockets think he's too expensive (which makes him too expensive for the Clips). In case you've been living under a rock, Baron Davis was amnestied to the Knicks, and Chuck Hayes failed his physical due to a heart condition. I like that guy, I hope he overcomes.