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The Daily Clipper - 12/21/11

Lawler's Law sent me an email yesterday claiming to be in Big Bear and unable to field his RSS feeds. But a few minutes later I heard a noise and I'm pretty sure I saw LL standing in the shadows outside my house. I didn't sleep at all last night.

David Aldridge: inside story of a rare mega-deal - BelgianClipper put it up in the fanshots. It's great, should not be missed.

Heat, Thunder, Mavericks lead NBA preseason Power Rankings - Britt Robson - - Fearless Leaders pick. He called and said, "Here, poot zis up in Daily Clipper, and bring me moose and squvirrel." The Clippers are ranked sixth in the NBA, fourth in the West, in the pre-season power rankings on SI.

CJ Paul's Photo | Lockerz Twitter pic of Clips giving out gifts.

Monta Ellis, Warriors to be in Sexual Harrassment Suit - Inside the Warriors - with Marcus Thompson

DJ Foster on Reggie Evans and Neil Olshey Glad DJ's back on the scene at Clipperblog.

Clippers' Randy Foye figures he'll be busy - Brad Turner on Randy Foye. Nice.