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The Daily Clipper Addendum

I stink at this. Everytime I think I have all the good stuff nailed down and publish the post, I check twitter and find a few more things that make the cut. Here's what I found this morning:

Countdown to Christmas: A window into Kobe Bryant - Los Angeles Lakers Blog - ESPN Los Angeles
Ramona writes about Kobe Bryant. Yes, I'm hurt as well. But this is good and who's better than Ramona right now?

Billups Can Imagine Clippers Future " Scott Howard-Cooper. I had this in my queue but somehow missed it. (Another Son had it as a fanshot so not too bad), but here Chauncey Billups suggests the possibilty of extending with the Clips. It's good to be here in Clipper-vana.

The Clippers have taken over Los Angeles, and Lakers fans are in a panic - It appears I'm going to have to overlook the fact that Mark Heisler is working with Chris Sheridan. But this is Heisler on the Clips and I'm a sucker for that.

Kenyon Martin leaving Chinese team - Yahoo! Sports Adrian Wojnarowski writes about Kenyon Martin who won't be able to sign with an NBA team until after the Chinese season ends.