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Clippers 108 - Lakers 103 - Post Game Thread

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I'm going to go straight back to the LBC tonight rather than stay here and write my recap. I'll put up a mini recap later. Until then, here are some quick thoughts, and you can use this thread to discuss the win amongst yourselves.

This was amazingly intense for a pre-season game. Both teams wanted to win, and a sell out crowd fairly evenly split between Clipper fans and Laker fans was crazy into it. Lockout? What lockout? These fans have already forgotten it ever happened.

Andrew Bynum from time to time looks like the best center in basketball. Some games he's Dwight Howard with better footwork. And some games he's invisible. He wasn't invisible in this one.

Blake Griffin had 30 and took over down the stretch. Whereas Pau Gasol probably defends him better than anyone, no one else on the Lakers has a hope against him. Blake destroyed Troy Murphy in every imaginable way in the fourth.

In a game dominated by the offenses, it was two defensive plays by the Clippers in the final minute that preserved the win. DeAndre Jordan came out of nowhere to block Metta World Peace, and significantly in also controlled the ball. Then, on the next Lakers possession, Griffin took a charge from Matt Barnes. That put the Lakers into foul mode and the Clippers made their free throws.

Speaking of Barnes, who shoves a guy in the middle of a nothing play in a pre-season game? Very strange.