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The Daily Clipper 12/22/11 - Winter Solstice Edition

Shortest day of the year, Clipper fans! And tomorrow? Festivus!

- Pau Gasol: Clippers flop too much - ESPN Los Angeles The Staples Center co-tenants renewed their rivalry with all the contentiousness of a playoff game. Whatever. Clips beat the Lakers last night in case you didn't know.
- Vinny Del Negro doesn't mind the pressure - - Brad Turner on VDN. Billups and Paul say nice things about Vinny.
- Learning about L.A.'s other team - TrueHoop - I go back and forth with JA Adande and his backhanded swipes at the Clippers. But this is pretty good. He has this quote from CP3: ""It’s unreal," Paul said. " When I get into the lane, man, it’s like you’re in Baskin Robbins, you know what I’m saying? You just pick whatever you want.""
- Chuck Hayes cleared to play - Ken Berger - Chuck Hayes got a second opinion as is cleared to play. Good news for the human wall that is Chuck Hayes. He wants to go back to the Kings with whom he signed a 21M - 4 year deal.
Deadline is big -- for Wolves and Love | - Jerry Zgoda: Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose on Tuesday agreed to a five-year, $94 million contract. There's a January 25 deadline for players from the 2008 class to extend their rookie deals. The two players people are watching are Russell Westbrook and Kevin Love. If Love were to get the max he could get 82M over five years.
Have you seen Love lately? Skinny. And he went 22/16 last night against the Bucks. An excellent article and an important extension of our running will-Blake-Griffin-extend-with-the-Clips debate. Almost skips the questions about Russell Westbrook, will he get the max and be eligible for a 30 percent contract? Sixty percent of your payroll for two guys? Welcoome to the new CBA! I thought OKC was the model for how to build a dynasty...
- Hornets at Our favorite ex-Clippers did pretty well. Eric Gordon was 17/4/4 in 29 minutes and 3/5 three pointers. Chris Kaman was 18/4 in 23 and went 8/13 at the stripe.. Al Farouq Aminu was 6/2 and had 5 fouls in 18:39.