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Steve On Vacation

Hello Citizens.

Many, many months ago, so many I can hardly remember, my mother or my brother or some other member of my family came to me and said "We want to go on a big cruise with the whole family for a week next Christmas. Are you in?" And I said, "Sure, if the whole family is going, then we'll go to." I don't much like going on cruises, but I usually try to take advantage of any opportunity to get the kids together with their cousins. Besides, it was just a week towards the end of the second month of the season - how important could the games be?

How could I know that I'd be missing the first three games of the Chris Paul era?

I hope that I'll be able to watch at least the ESPN game on the boat, but I really don't know what to expect. I hear I could get wi-fi access, but also that it's expensive. But I'm pretty sure my wife and entire family would not look too kindly on me blogging during our vacation, so the bottom line is, I'm planning on being out of action until the new year. If I get to see some games on the boat, so much the better. But I'm not counting on it.

So have fun starting the season without me. John Raffo, Lawler's Law, LJ Hann and a few new surprises will be running things in the meantime.

Happy Holidays Clips Nation. Enjoy your Chris-mas present.