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The Daily Clipper - 'Twas-The-Night-Before-Tip-Off Edition

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Let me start off by saying, Merry Christmas (and Happy Chanukah) to all my fellow Citizens!...I believe I have been a participant of this community since 05-06...and have seen it's growth be a marvelous thing...but what we we're about to see happen tomorrow will most certainly be a Christmas Miracle!...Enjoy the time with your family and friends tonight and tomorrow morning, because come 7pm, I expect a full mad dash to twitter and the ClipsNation open thread!

Meanwhile, I found a whole bunch of stuff in the internets to keep you busy during those other less important day games. Check them out after the jump:

NBA hoping to pick up where it left off last June
In between the Mavericks' party in Miami and the Chris Paul celebration in Los Angeles, business got in the way of basketball. The lockout came 2 1/2 weeks after the NBA Finals and lasted five months, leaving nobody...

| griffin, clippers, one - Sports - The Orange County Register
OCR's Clippers preview....

Clippers' Jordan must now deal with pressure, expectations |
About an hour before the first of the two exhibition games, and there is finally proof DeAndre Jordan has a robotic side.

NBA season starts, six story lines to watch - The Washington Post
Can the Clippers surpass the Lakers?

Los Angeles Clippers 2011-12 Season Preview - Ball Don't Lie - NBA Blog - Yahoo! Sports
Comprehensive National Basketball Association news, scores, standings, fantasy games, rumors, and more

Springfield's Vinny Del Negro has talent with the Clippers, and a raft of expectations as well |

The coach's situation resemble Erik Spoelstra's gig in Miami last year.

Clippers are ready for battle of L.A. - The Denver Post

The long-suffering "other" team in Los Angeles adds Chris Paul and much more.

Golden State Warriors have difficult opening act in Mark Jackson's coaching debut - San Jose Mercury News

Stephen Curry